4 Amazing Linux Distros For Beginners

When using Linux, you have to take into account that not all people are Linux veterans that can manually install and build their system from the ground up. Infact, most of the people that use Linux are just regular people who want a working desktop that is usable. So whether it is your Grandpa, Coworker, or even you, I am going to list some of the best Linux distros that are simple and will serve the needs of most people.

Linux Mint

Linux for Windows users

This was mine, and many other people’s first Linux distro. This Ubuntu based distro is super great for anyone who has used Windows. It has a graphical app store now, and due to the Mate and XFCE versions it will run good on most old computers. Installation is super easy, and the software center is amazing. It also has out of the box support for Flatpak, completely stopping you from downloading snaps. The hardware support is great, but getting some graphics drivers can be a little bit of a pain.

Pop! OS

Linux for gamers

This actually the Linux distro that I am currently using. It is super great for gaming, as not only is it super easy to install and use the Nvidia graphics driver, but the drivers for Intel graphics cards are all 100% included. The cosmic desktop is also amazing to work with and amazing for productivity. The Pop! Shop is a amazing software center that has not only Flatpak, but Ubuntu apps that are allowed for download. Then, using the Pop! Shop you can update all of your Ubuntu, and Flatpak apps all at one time. The install process is also the easiest I’ve ever done. Overall, it is really just Linux mint with better hardware support and a different desktop.


Desktop Distro for people who need speed

Solus is a independent Linux distro. This means that it is not based on any other Linux distro. It comes with it’s own desktop environment called, “Budgie”. Budgie comes with all of the gnome apps, but a completely different desktop experience. Solus is quite a bit faster than Ubuntu or Linux Mint, as proved by this benchmark. The package management system, eopkg, is super fast and easy to use, plus there is a graphical app store.


Beautiful distro for someone who wants eye candy

Deepin comes with it’s own, home-brewed desktop environment called, unsurprisingly, Deepin. It also comes with its own set of apps. This is not a lightweight distro, using quite a bit of system resources just idling. Like KDE, it uses the QT framework instead of the more widely used GTK framework. It is also worth noting that Deepin is based on Debian. Deepin is great for someone who doesn’t really care about the footprint of their system, and instead would just like something that is user friendly and beautiful. Plus, the Graphical app store is one of the best that I’ve ever used.


These are all great Linux distro’s that I would recommend to anyone who is just starting out. There is really no, “Best Linux distro for beginners”, however these 4 should serve someone who would like to try out Linux without getting into the technical side of things.

Written on September 29, 2021