3 Linux Distros For Small Businesses

When it comes to the small Business world, Linux is more common then you might imagine. Especially when you need to run a server. The fact that it is free makes it super appealing to businesses that need something that works, and won’t cost them thousands. It is because of this, that I am going to go over the 3 best Linux Distros that will work wonders for a small/medium size business.

Rocky Linux

Great For Servers

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a distro that is commonly used by, enterprises. However, it costs money. Money that a Small/Medium sized business might not have. There is a solution though, Rocky Linux. Rocky Linux is based off the now defunct “CentOS”. It functions almost exactly the same, giving you a enterprise grade operating system that is 100% free and made by the community. The Install allows you to chose from a bunch of different servers. Allowing you to run any server you would like with ease. It is also extremely stable, being the Downstream of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This means that after you set up Rocky Linux, you will be able to use the same install for a LONG time without it ever breaking. If you would like to see the official website, you can click Here.


Linux Distro For Cheap Laptops

If your employees are going to work from home, they are probably going to need a Laptop. While you might have to buy a very modern computer to use the latest version of Windows or MacOS, Lubuntu could run on a potato. The userface is also very Windows7-esque, so anyone who has used Windows will be able to use it very easily. The fact that it is Ubuntu means that you will be able to get access to all of the latest software that you could ever need. You can cheap out by buying your employees an old laptop, while still being able to use most of your regular software, it’s a win win! The official website is Right Here


For Businesses That Value Privacy

There are many businesses that deal with data that should be kept under locks. PureOS protects that information by keeping everything 100% free. Free as in speech and beer. Everything, including the kernel and the software repository’s, are completely open sourced. This may cause issues with Wifi card though, so make sure that your WiFi card is supported, or that your computer has ethernet. Mix this with disk encryption, and there is a very small chance that your data could be compromised. You can download PureOS by clicking on This Link.


These are not the only options when it comes to Linux distros for small businesses, but these three, depending on the situation, will serve any business well. If it’s for Stability, Speed, or Privacy, these Linux distros will allow a small business to succeed without having to rely on slow and proprietary software.

Written on August 28, 2021